History’s Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 2

Here’s the second chapter.  Enjoy.

Translator: Incarneous

Editor: Incarneous

Chapter 2 -Dragon against Dragon, a Stand Off Between Kings, Which is the True Dragon?


New Site

Completely new website for a brand new project.  This place is home to my web serial, ‘Life is a Journey’.

‘Life is a Journey’ is meant to be an endless adventure spanning countless worlds.  The leading role is a man who has lost track of his true self in the steel and concrete jungle of the 22nd century Earth.  He comes across a relic of ages lost, which inspires him to change his life for the better.  Unfortunately, he meets an unexpected end before he could put his new resolve into practice.  However, his life might have ended but his soul has been given a second chance, reincarnation with minimal memory loss.  Where will he end up next?  What will he do now?

In addition to this story, which is destined to update slowly as I get my writing momentum back up to snuff, I will also translate 史上最强师兄 ‘History’s Strongest Senior Brother’ by 八月飞鹰 (August Eagle).  Please support him and his book on qidian.  You can find it here.  He is also the answer of the completed work 史上第一祖师 ‘History’s Number 1 Founder’, which is being translated by Sylver Translations.  You can find Sylver135’s translation here.