History’s Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 7

I haven’t been well.  Somehow my sinuses are stuffed and there’s an impossible amount of mucus in my throat but you guys are probably more interested in releases.

Basically there will be two chapters released together the day after tomorrow, with no guarantees for the rest of the week.

Translator: Incarneous

Chapter 7: Ye Jing’s Thoughts

p.s. thanks moe_ronn for finding my typos


7 thoughts on “History’s Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 7

  1. Thanks for your hard work and take care of yourself. Last month I couldn’t even breath because of mucous D:
    Make a tea of ginger and lemon (a little piece of ginger and lemon juice and it’s peel -or whole- > boil into water and put sugar or honey), it’s pretty good and gives a certain comfort for the throat.


    1. Btw, I’m liking this so much I’m MTLing the raws.

      I wish I could gift you a time dilation machine so you could TL the rest of the chapters in a day or two T_T


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