RFSH Chapter 2

Chapter two doesn’t even have a title.  You can think of it as a continuation of chapter one.  I do not appreciate the direction Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home is going but I’ve only read three chapters, so maybe it’ll improve?  Actually so long as the protagonist is less perverted the the mai kitsune waifu MC, I’d be content.  Those are pretty low standards so don’t let me down.

Urk, I don’t think I can do a new teaser.  Lag on this computer is nuts.  In any case, I’ll try to see what teaser to work on next and get a head start.

RFSH Chapter 2



Teaser: Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home (RFSH Chapter 1)

Hello again everyone.

Here’s teaser number two.

Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home is a modern day cultivation tale that includes a romance between human and demon with a side dash of humor.  It is not as good as Cultivation Chat Group, which is probably the best in this genre but seems decent so far.

RFSH Synopsis Wow, that was a super short non-fuss synopsis from the author wasn’t it?

I believe it is number two in the modern day cultivation section on 17k.  My Kitsune Waifu should be number one.

Since it does have a side of humor, it probably won’t be super racist like the more serious modern cultivation stories, partially because those are forced to bring China’s rivals in as antagonist and mostly because the Chinese discriminate against the non-Chinese.

At this point I’m reminded of how awesome Overgod Ascension would have been, but it’s a Qidian novel so it can’t be helped.  Anyways, enjoy!

RFSH Chapter 1

P.S. Before I forget, someone apparently started working on LOTS on the WW forums a couple days before I posted my teaser.  I just saw it yesterday.  They haven’t posted anything yet but they have already made a declaration.  I apologize for that.  I checked out LOTS a week ago and there was no one translating at that time but I should have checked again.  As such, LOTS will probably be moved into the dropped section at a near date.  To replace LOTS position, a teaser of 尘缘 will be in the works.

Teaser: Legend of the Swordking (LOTS Chapter 1)

Here’s the first teaser.

Legend of the Swordking is an extremely popular work by Loss Leaf, who is also the author of Zhan Long.  Like Zhan Long, it is written in first person.  The genre is XuanHuan, eastern fantasy, except the first heroine who showed up was apparently blonde.  Huh.

As a work by Loss Leaf, the best tense for translating this turned out to be present tense.  As someone who habitually writes in past tense, I had to go back and correct myself over a hundred times during the translation process and I’m not sure if I caught all the mistakes.  Hopefully I’ll break that habit.  The other teasers shouldn’t be as difficult.

LOTS synopsis

LOTS Chapter 1


The community might not have much awareness of what is available outside of Qidian, so perhaps a preview will help.

Starting from tomorrow, I will be posting teasers before deciding what I will translate in future based on your feedback.  These are all new novels that have not been translated yet.

  1. 剑王传说 (Legend of the Swordking)
  2. 家里养个狐狸精 (Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home)
  3. 碎星物语 (The Epic of Sui Xing) – Sui Xing is a name but could mean Shattered Star or Star Shatterer
  4. 苍穹之主 (Lord of the Heavens)

参天 (Reaching for the Sky) was also a choice but a group seems to have picked that up, so I’ll refrain from posting its teaser.

What do you guys want to see?

Alrite.  Something happened last year.  Not something good.  I’ll spare you the details.

So basically, recommend something for me to translate.  Submit your suggestion as a comment.  It has to be Chinese, but it can’t be from Qidian.  Genre doesn’t matter (but no Yaoi).

In any case, originally, I was planning on making a comeback.  About HSSB, Volare picked that up, which I’m really happy with since they translate with decent quality.  I give them my best regards and hope they find success.  Unfortunately, despite choosing a new work, reading through and taking notes on how to translate all the funky terms, something else happened.

By the way, I recommend Overgod Ascension (主神崛起) to anyone who knows Chinese.  It’s like transported to another world fused to Terror Infinity or Ultimate Evolution, except the main character manages to beat the system and that’s only the beginning of his journey.  The story starts slow.  It takes 20-40 chapters to build up momentum.