What do you guys want to see?

Alrite.  Something happened last year.  Not something good.  I’ll spare you the details.

So basically, recommend something for me to translate.  Submit your suggestion as a comment.  It has to be Chinese, but it can’t be from Qidian.  Genre doesn’t matter (but no Yaoi).

In any case, originally, I was planning on making a comeback.  About HSSB, Volare picked that up, which I’m really happy with since they translate with decent quality.  I give them my best regards and hope they find success.  Unfortunately, despite choosing a new work, reading through and taking notes on how to translate all the funky terms, something else happened.

By the way, I recommend Overgod Ascension (主神崛起) to anyone who knows Chinese.  It’s like transported to another world fused to Terror Infinity or Ultimate Evolution, except the main character manages to beat the system and that’s only the beginning of his journey.  The story starts slow.  It takes 20-40 chapters to build up momentum.


7 thoughts on “What do you guys want to see?

  1. how about 尘缘 on 17k, its by the author of City of Sin (Sin City) that will be tl’ed on wuxiaworld, and it might be really good if it has 931 million fans (doubt this figure as it is what GT says, i think it might be 900 thousand, but you get the idea..) might be good…


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