The community might not have much awareness of what is available outside of Qidian, so perhaps a preview will help.

Starting from tomorrow, I will be posting teasers before deciding what I will translate in future based on your feedback.  These are all new novels that have not been translated yet.

  1. 剑王传说 (Legend of the Swordking)
  2. 家里养个狐狸精 (Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home)
  3. 碎星物语 (The Epic of Sui Xing) – Sui Xing is a name but could mean Shattered Star or Star Shatterer
  4. 苍穹之主 (Lord of the Heavens)

参天 (Reaching for the Sky) was also a choice but a group seems to have picked that up, so I’ll refrain from posting its teaser.


2 thoughts on “Teasers

    1. I have no idea. Originally I was going to translate Overgod Ascension, which didn’t have real romance because the MC was obsessed with becoming god, though he has friends everywhere he goes and one wife that he’s loyal to on the world he lives on. But so far, I can say that Legend of the Swordking (LOTS) does have multiple love interests since there’s a poll about which girl he should end up with on 17k. Raising a Fox Spirit in My House (RFMH) should have multiple love interests as well based on the fact it’s modern day immortal cultivation. I have no idea about the other two since I only read the first 2 chapters.


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