Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 14

Calm down and enjoy the journey.  This is a good bit of romance and comedy balanced with xianxia.  Normally Xianxia is xianxia with one mention of romance and one set of decent interaction every hundred or so chapters.  So don’t worry about when the guy starts cultivating.  Cultivation Chat Group had a long intro period too.

Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home 14

Today, I’m going to start reading Unlimited Dragon God.  It’s about being transported into another world but the MC didn’t end up human.  If I enjoy it.  I might pick it up as a side project with 1-2 releases a week.  Actually I was searching for something like Kumo desu ga, nani ka.  Or Crimson Dragon (except that one gets worse after the first bit), but I ended up with Unlimited Dragon God after rejecting a ton of choices.  My only disappointment is that it seems to be an eastern fantasy as opposed to a western one.

edit: I read the first 10 chapters.  The start was slow.  It is actually based on something similar to overgod space (concept originally from terror infinity) so there’s multiple worlds.  It’s still a bit earlier to tell whether it’s good or horrible.  Or rather the writing is repetitive and explains itself too much but the concept is good.  Plus the very first world he visits was way beyond my expectations in a strange way.


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