I’m still alive but very sick

Apologies for the delay.  I will make it up.  The project isn’t dropped.

I wanted everyone to know that I’m still alive but very sick right now.  I’ve been sleeping 14 hours or more a day and haven’t had the state of mind for translation.  Pain and dizziness mixed constant fatigue does not go well with translation.  I can’t even word stuff the way I want.  I’m going to see the doctor again today.  Hopefully I can recover soon.

Now… I’m going back to sleep until it’s time to see the doctor.

EDIT: Finally got a specialist appointment next Tuesday.  I pray everything goes well.

Also, after being tormented by pain for a long time, I think I’m a bit more used to pain or something?  While I can’t even watch a movie without tiring out, I’m going to start working on translations very very slowly.



11 thoughts on “I’m still alive but very sick

  1. (Gets a whip and came back)
    “No excuses! Crack! Go translate! Crack! Now! Crack! Crack! Crack!”

    Just kidding XD
    Have a good rest so you can came back healthy and full of energy ^^


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