The Invincible Me Chose to Farm Chapter 0

RFSH is being edited at the moment before its move to isohungry, so there will be a delay in its release.  But I got an editor for it now, so quality should be higher.

Here is The Invincible Me Chose to Farm Chapter 0.

TL: Incarneous

ED: Trent

IMCF Synopsis for those who don’t know about it.  This project is a real project and not a teaser.  So look forward to it.



Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home 33 + Announcement

Was delayed.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t done it in a while, or perhaps because I only mostly recovered, but my focus is a bit shot.  I’m still aiming for daily but it seems to be every two days.  Anyways, sorry about that.  Here it is.

Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home 33

Announcement: Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home has found a new home.  Well… other than the website, everything’s staying the same though.  I’m moving this project to  Honestly I was going to make a new website (get webhosting) before I fell sick.  And Kiki just happened to invite me recently, so I might as well.

My other project will remain on this site until it’s long enough or successful enough that I will consider the issue of licensing.

Oh and the super important issue of foxes and foxgirls… well I’ll post continue posting them here though the chapter will be at isohungrytls … is it just me or do some of you also read that as ‘ISO hungry’ instead of ‘I so hungry’?

I’m back! Raising a Fox Spirit in my Home Chapter 31

As I mentioned, I’ll post today.  Originally wanted to post a second one but it’s only half done…

In any case, I am back.  Apologies for the long delay.  At least daily chapters should resume.  Extra chapters if I’m feeling well.  Going for a CT on Thursday.  Urgh, at least I’m off medicine so slightly less sleepy.

Raising a Fox Spirit in my Home Chapter 31

P.S. I’d like talk about my new project.  It isn’t up yet.  It’s actually closer to what I wanted to translate rather than RFSH.  (There were a couple novels that belonged to Qidian that I wanted to translate but you probably won’t be seeing them.)  It’s called “The Invincible Me Choose to Farm” from sfacg, which is basically light novel central of China.  You can think of it as a xianxia with heavy parody elements done in light novel style.  It has an overpowered protagonist but the plot is well done with clear goals rather than just an overpowered protagonist roaming the land, hash and repeat.  My personal favourite genre happens to be genre parody… things like HSSB or CCG.  While “The Invincible Me Choose to Farm” is heavy on the ecchi as expected from a light novel, it does contain many of the elements I enjoy.  In any case, look forward to it.  It won’t affect the release schedule of RFSH.  Let’s do a trial run first.  Look for the first chapter sometime this week.