Character List

Ah Hu (阿虎) – This is guy is the burly attendant that follows Yan Zhaoge around everywhere.  Ah Hu is basically a nickname.  It is only a familiar way of calling him, but we will find out his full name eventually.  His name means tiger.  He is often described as burly large man.

Lin Yuque (林玉芍) – This is our lady Lin.  She is an innocent young girl with a wavering heart.  She means well but she seems rather unlucky just like the character she is based off of.  She is a parody of Lan Yunyue from Martial World.  She is not aristocracy so it is ‘lady’ rather than ‘Lady’.  The actual terms used to refer to her are more along the lines of young girl, little lady, or maiden.
Again as a bonus: Lin means forest or woods and is a common surname, especially in wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan.  If you see a main character named Lin then it’s probably this Lin.  Yu means jade and Que means peony.  She is Forest Jade Peony, the jade peony of the forest.  Nice name right?

Si Kongqing (司空晴) – She is a beautiful girl whose only flaw is her icy blue eyes, which make her seem cold and detached.  She is obsessed with the martial path and cares little about anything else.  In the past, she had an encounter with Ye Jing and is friends with him.  I am uncertain whether she parodies a specific character or perhaps she is a generic ‘meeting female genius of a sect before joining it’ character. If we assume she’s from Martial World, then she is either Qin Xingxuan or Mu Qianyu, more likely the latter.
Bonus: Si is a very common surname in wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan, it means management or department or take control. Kong means empty, which extends to free time, air and space but does not mean void. Qing means clear or fine in terms of weather. In control, Empty and Fine.  It sort of describes her personality but it doesn’t translate well to English.

Yan Di – Elder Yan, Yan Zhaoge’s father, and one of the two potential successors to Broad Creed Mountain.  He is very powerful having reached the highest level of Martial Grandmaster.

Yan Zhaoge (燕赵歌) – The incredibly gifted talented Mr. Perfect of a main character.  He belongs to the Broad Creed Sect.  His father is patriarch of the Yan family. The father is also an elder of Broad Creed Mountain and a candidate for the position of sect leader.  He himself is a widely acknowledge genius among geniuses and the leader of the younger generation in the sect.  We never get the details on his previous lives but he’s someone from Earth who crossed over the the Eight Extremities World except he died in the Great Calamity not long after and transmigrated to take over his current body.  Due to witnessing a cataclysm, he has an obsession with getting stronger and holding his fate in his own hands.  Unfortunately for him, despite being Mr. Perfect, he was not apparently the main character of the world he ended up in.  Instead he’s the older senior brother canon fodder who is fated to be crushed by the main character on his road to the top.  The original owner of his body seems to be a parody of Zhu Yan from Martial World, except his background is much more powerful.
As a bonus: Yan means Swallow (bird) , Zhao is a common surname and also an ancient state, Ge means song.  Swallow Zhao Song.  But I prefer to interpret his name as YanZhao, which were two warring states, which reflects his fire and ice affinity.  Warring States Song. YanZhao can also refer to beautiful women and female dancers because lots of beautiful women came from the YanZhao region. Beautiful Women Song.  Of course names don’t always need meanings since they can be any nonsensical combination of characters.

Ye Jing (叶景) – He is the first antagonist but he is more of a cat’s paw than a boss.  He seems to have a fire affinity and some sort of magical plot device that allows him to cultivate faster.  He is Lin Yuque’s childhood friend.  One day Lin Yuque abandoned him for Yan Zhaoge and he responds by demonstrating monstrous talent for cultivation despite having only average talent in the past.  He is a parody of Martial World’s main character, Lin Ming.
Bonus: Ye means leaf and once again a common surname, especially in wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan.  If you see a main character named Ye then it’s probably this ye.  Jing means scenery.  Leaf Scenery, a scene of leaves.

Minor Characters

Elder Cui – A deacon elder of the assignment hall that got pwned.