Legend of the Swordking


Title: 剑王传说 Legend of the Swordking

Author失落叶 Shi Luo Ye/Loss Leaf (Author of Zhan Long)

Genre: 玄幻奇幻:异界大陆 Mystic Fantasy: Of Another World

Tags: Action, Cultivation, Martial Arts, Heroines, etc.

Synopsis: The sword’s edge dictates: he is unrivaled under heaven.
A youth whose failure to awaken resulted in crippled meridians and broken cultivation endures scorn and mocking to enter the Ten Thousand Spirit Academy as the lowliest external student.
However, with a fortunate encounter, his spirit meridians are reborn. He who possesses a deep foundation will step by step raise his name above the academy, influence the entire northern region, and with a sword in hand become unstoppable across the DragonSpirit Continent.


Table of Contents

Book 1: Initial Rising of the Sun

Chapter 1: The Loneliness of Being Unrivaled
Chapter 2: A Long Journey
Chapter 3: Ten Thousand Spirit Academy
Chapter 4: Great Glutton
Chapter 5: Causing a Stir
Chapter 6: SkyDash Meridian
Chapter 7: SpiritMove Realm Once More
Chapter 8: Becoming Stronger
Chapter 9: Dragon Breath Technique
Chapter 10: Entering the Pot
Chapter 11: Breaking Through the First Layer
Chapter 12: Desire for Strength
Chapter 13: Precious Gift
Chapter 14: Hexagonal Lotusroot Fruit
Chapter 15: Bu Changzhang

This is a teaser.  I haven’t read this novel either so the translations for titles and terms may change as more information is revealed.


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