Life is a Journey

‘Life is a Journey’ is meant to be an endless adventure spanning countless worlds.

Carl Williams is a normal man struggling with life in 22nd century.  He grew up in a troubled family with large dreams of joining the Martian Terraformation only to fall short of the needlessly high standards.  As a consequence of failure, he was forced to become a teacher in a society where the occupation is mostly redundant due to advancements in technology. His current job mainly revolves around grading papers and answering questions for annoying brats with large dreams.

Fortunately his life takes a turn for the better when he finally realizes that he needs time for himself away from the tedious grind of society.  After taking an illegal hiking trip in his mother’s ancestral land, he finds a fancy rock.  The rock itself does not seem like anything special but it sparks Carl’s interest in myths, legends, and lost civilizations.  His life seems to take a turn for the better.

Unfortunately, just as he found joy in living, he dies a tragic death.

However, the heavens are kind or maybe he was just lucky, his rock turned out to be an ancient relic of unknown origins.  Its power allows Carl to undergo reincarnation with only minimal memory loss.

Where will he end up next?  What will he do now?  Who knows, but I sure don’t.

Table of Contents

Arc 1 – Identity
  • Chapter 1 – The Near Future
  • Chapter 2 – Steel and Concrete
  • Chapter 3 – The Relic
  • Chapter 4 – Motivation
  • Chapter 5 – Education
  • Chapter 6 – Puppy Love
  • Chapter 7 – Cause and Effect
  • Chapter 8 – Cult
  • Chapter 9 –
  • Chapter 10 –