Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home


Title家里养个狐狸精 Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Author:  唐川 Tang Chuan

Genre: 仙侠武侠:现代修真 Xianxia: Modern Cultivation

Tags: Action, Cultivation, Martial Arts, Comedy, Demons, Modern Day, Romance, Heroines, etc.

Synopsis: This book narrates the joyful cultivation tale of an ordinary commonplace university student and a cute and coquettish little fox.

Please observe this human-animal… *cough* …human-demon love story.*

*I don’t particularly like this song but the author sort of referenced it.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Human Origin Gold Core
Chapter 2: Untitled
Chapter 3: Hair Standing Up in Anger
Chapter 4: Quenching that Heat
Chapter 5: Fleecing me?
Chapter 6: Why Are You Nice to Me?
Chapter 7: Little Fox Flips Out!
Chapter 8: Massage during Class
Chapter 9: Clash Once More
Chapter 10: History’s Strongest Parkour
Chapter 11: Sowing Discord
Chapter 12: Kill Five of Them
Chapter 13: Please Spare Me
Chapter 14: One Strong Punch
Chapter 15: Sent Flying With a Kick
Chapter 16: Only Overwhelming Strength is Invincible
Chapter 17: Just a Little Pain in the Balls
Chapter 18: Close Yet Far
Chapter 19: The Gold Pill Awakens
Chapter 20: Mistake, Big Mistake
Chapter 21: The More You Touch, The Blacker It Gets
Chapter 22: Oh Brain Damaged One, No Medicine Can Cure Thee Verily
Chapter 23: Say It Again If You Dare
Chapter 24: The Consequences of Offending a Beauty
Chapter 25: Massage is Also Cultivation
Chapter 26: In Order to Cultivate, One Must First Be Resolved
Chapter 27: Cultivation Starts with Massage!
Chapter 28: Untitled
Chapter 29: Qi Deviation
Chapter 30: To Profit from Disaster
Chapter 31: Shedding Mortal Body and Exchanging Bones
Chapter 32: Who is That Handsome Guy?
Chapter 33:
Chapter 34:
Chapter 35:


This is on its way to being a project.  I haven’t read this novel either so the translations for titles and terms may change as more information is revealed.


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