Chapter 16: Only Overwhelming Strength is Invincible

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T/N: I got stuck on the kicks. I had no idea how to properly translate them and still don’t, but I’ve made do with what knowledge I could find on the net.  Wuxia action scenes aren’t my thing.  There are only so many ways to say you punched and kicked each other.  Xianxia ones are easier.

“What did you just say?” Zhao Yujian’s eyes actually looked toward Li Yundong rather than Su Chan, the one who provoked everyone’s anger just now.

Li Yundong never imagined that he would encounter this much difficulty from simply attempting to learn taekwondo. He looked at Su Chan feeling helpless, and then he looked at the Zhao Yujian, who was parting the crowd and walking toward him with a malevolent expression on his face, feeling even more helpless.

Su Chan slightly raised her head. That delicate yet glamorous face was full of pride and disdain, as if what she just said was the an acknowledge truth that was accepted worldwide.

Li Yundong felt his head start to hurt. This girl really was a moving bundle of trouble! From the moment he met her, trouble would find him constantly!

However, he did not know that since ancient times no person who kept a fox spirit by their side had ever met with a good ending.

The history books clearly recorded that Xia Jie, Shang Zhou, Zhou You, the most common point between those three was not their inability or tyranny, but rather that they had a country-destroying fox spirit by their side…

Even though Li Yundong did not know the little beauty by his side was literally a fox spirit, but he did know that since ancient times, trouble would emerge alongside women. Furthermore, the more beautiful the woman, the greater the trouble, these two things had a directly proportional relationship.

Li Yundong sighed, “I just want to learn taekwondo, that’s all… is there any need to go this far?”

Zhao Yujian smiled coldly. Walking until he was in front of Li Yundong, he said, “You have already dishonored taekwondo, therefore you must apologize!”

Before Li Yundong could speak up, Su Chan took the opportunity to respond first, “Did I say something wrong? If you guys aren’t of flowery fists and fancy footwork, then what are you? Yundong could take care of you guys with just one hand!”

‘Grasss! Is it the nature of women to be unreasonable?’ Li Yundong almost jumped in and covered up Su Chan’s month.

Zhao Yujian became so angry he stated to laugh. Tilting his head back, he started laughing loudly. His finger pointed to the sparring area, “I will wait for you there!”

With those words, he headed over in a rage.

The students also walked him go, individually clearing out a path. They had various expressions. Some of them were angry. Some were hoping for more chaos. Some were calmly playing the role of bystander (buying soy sauce).

Su Chan patted Li Yundong’s shoulder and gave him encouragement, “It’s okay. Didn’t you sent that guy just now flying with one kick?”

Li Yundong stated aggrieved, “That was not real combat! Zhao Yujian is the city champion. I’ve never trained even a single day before. You don’t really think that I can beat him, right?”

Su Chan jolted to a stop. She thought, ‘That’s right. Even though Li Yundong has the Gold Pill energy protecting him, but if he only gets hit and doesn’t retaliate, that won’t work out either.”

However, her eyes spun cunningly and she conveniently thought up impeccable solution. “I’ll tell you a good method, that will let you win for sure.”

Li Yundong was somewhat curious so he moved his head closer. “What is it?”

Su Chan said, “When he punches, you attack his fist. When he kicks, you attack his leg.”

When Li Yundong heard, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. ‘Your mother. What kind of good method is this? What in mama’s name will let you win.’

Zhao Yujian stood in an area that was a bit wider than five meters. His hands held his black belt. He sneered, “Done talking? If I don’t beat you until you apologize wholeheartedly, my name is not Zhao!”

Li Yundong is a reasonable donkey, his personality was stubborn. He was amenable to negotiation but unyielding against force. If Zhao Yujian had reasoned with him, then there was a seventy to eighty percent chance that he would have apologize in Su Chan’s place. However, this fellow wanted to teach him a lesson with his fists, therefore there was no longer any room for discussion.

‘You, Zhao Yujian, are very strong, but I am not incapable!

‘Even if I lose this fight, I will not lose my pride! I’m going all out!’

Li Yundong’s eyebrows rose. He hardened his resolve and walked over with large strides.

The two arrived at the sparring area. All the students followed over and surrounded the white lines marking the sides. As before, some stood and some sat. Even Zhou Qin and Ding Nan who were always above the usual hubbub of the school stood up and gazed at the sparring area with an intensity in their eyes.

“Who do you think will win?” Ding Nan could not resist asking Zhou Qin who was by her side.

Zhou Qin asked back, “What do you think?”

Ding Nan thought for a bit and answered, “Even though I feel Zhao Yujian is very hypocritical as a person and he’s rather troublesome. However, I still think his chances are better. After all, his title of the city champion is rightly earned.”

Zhou Qin faintly smiled, “Do you dare to bet?”

Ding Nan chuckled and said, “What do you want to bet?”

Zhou Qin gazed at the sparring area and casually said, “My handbag, didn’t you really like it?”

Ding Nan’s eyes lit up. “Your Limited edition ’09 autumn LV handbag? Okay, let’s bet! I bet on Zhao Yujian winning!”

Zhou Qin smiled faintly and said, “I’ll bet that Li Yundong will win.”

Ding Nan looked at Zhou Qin quite baffled. “Why are you so sure that fellow will win?”

Zhou Qin casually answered, “Intuition.”

Ding Nan laughed. “I don’t believe that your intuition is accurate every time.”

Zhou Qin simply smiled and looked toward the sparring area as if looking upon faint clouds or a light breeze.

At this time, Zhao Yujian was already flexing up his joints by the sparring area. He did not underestimate his opponent in the least. On the contrary, he was very cautiously evaluating the opponent across from his.

His prudent attitude made the surrounding students feel a little uncomfortable inside. The gazes they directed toward Li Yundong also became tinted with sympathy.

‘This fellow will definitely get taught a very cruel lesson.’

Only Su Chan used her hands to form a speaker and shouted out without a care, “Li Yundong, do your best! You can win for sure!”

Li Yundong turned his head and forced a smile. Then he turned his head back to search inside of himself for that full body warm feeling he experienced when he performed that strong punch and again those two times when he sent Zeng Qing flying. However, when he searched for it on purpose, that kind of feeling did not appear, like Duan Yu’s Six Meridian Divine Sword*, sometimes working sometimes not.

Before Li Yundong found the right feeling, Zhao Yujian had already shown up with icy eyes. “Are you prepared yet?”

Li Yundong was forced beyond his comfort zone, he braced himself and said, “I’m ready.”

Since this already escalated past giving face, Zhao Yujian could not be bothered with mere formalities like bowing to each other. His feet were constantly on the move using small hops, weaving around Li Yundong’s side.

Zhao Yujian lived up to his title of city champion. His steps were quick and nimble. His upper body swayed back and worth testing his opponent. His legs were like the blades of scissors crossing each other continuously, each movement containing vigorous force. And yet also like a switchblade ready to spring open at any time.

The students on the side were dazzled simply by watching Zhao Yujian’s footwork. Some of the more infatuated girls outright covered their mouths and starting exclaiming, “Butterfly step! It’s the butterfly step!”

Li Yundong watched as Zhao Yujian rapidly weaved around in his vicinity. Even though he practically had no true combat experience, he still understood the most basic principles of combat. He turned along with his opponent. No matter what, one should not expose their back to their opponent, allowing them access to their waist or back.

The two circled each other for a while on the sparring field. Zhao Yujian started to lose his patience. No longer testing his opponent, he suddenly cross stepped and lifted his right leg. With a pow sound, he performed a mid roundhouse kick aimed at Li Yundong’s waist.

Zhao Yujian’s kick was exceedingly fast. The fabric of his pants broke through the air with a whip like sound. Practically before Li Yundong could react, he felt a pain in his waist having received a kick.

Li Yundong felt the pain at his waist. He remembered the method Su Chan taught him. With a low roar, his fist smashed toward Zhao Yujian’s leg.

However, Zhao Yujian’s footwork was startlingly fast. The moment the kick connected, the foot immediately retracted. The other foot lifted and with a pow solidly hit Li Yundong’s waist and abdomen on the other side.

Li Yundong had just received a kick so he subconsciously tried to block with his hand. However, as he tried to block, a kick came in from the other side.

Zhao Yujian’s legs were fast like whips and swift like the wind. They trashed at Li Yundong’s waist and abdomen over and over again, creating a series of pow sounds that made the bystanders who heard feel their blood run cold.

Ding Nan looked toward Zhou Qin pleased with herself and said, “It seems I’m going to get a new baggie!”

Zhou Qin did not even bat an eyelid. She said, “The victor is the one who laughs last.”

At this time, Li Yundong suddenly turned around seemingly trying to escape, and Zhao Yujian who was behind him simply laughed coldly. Zhao Yujian quickly pursued. With a swoosh, the heel of his foot was lifted above his head. A harsh ax kick chopped smashed down from above toward the back of Li Yundong’s head.

Whoosh. The surrounded students abruptly stood up in fright. ‘If this blow landed, then at very least it would cause a concussion. Did Zhao Yujain go insane? Li Yundong isn’t wearing protective equipment. Did he plan to commit murder?’

Li Yundong seemed to sense the situation behind him. He spun around and his punch horizontally smashed through the air toward Zhao Yujian’s calf.

He still remembered Su Chan’s reminder, ‘When he punches, you attack his fist. When he kicks, you attack his leg.’

If someone proficient in combat heard those words, they would laugh until their bellies hurt. It was a complete joke. However, Li Yundong had no other method. He had a body enhanced with Gold Pill energy yet he did not know how to use it. This could be considered turning to any doctor when critically ill.

Zhao Yujian coldly snorted. His ax kick suddenly changed direction, forcibly turning around. With a pow sound, the kick landed on Li Yundong’s neck, causing Li Yundong to stumble.

This turning kick was extremely stunning. The surrounding students all cried out in astonishment, “Swallow Drop!”

If Li Yundong did not have the power of the Gold Pill protecting his body, this blow might have caused problems with his neck.

At this time, Zhao Yujian was about to quit while he was ahead. This entire matter would stop here. Unfortunately, Zhao Yujian unwittingly looked toward Zhou Qin and saw that Zhou Qin’s gaze was directed at Li Yundong. Zhou Qin who normally watched everything like faint clouds and a light breeze actually appeared to have slightly knit her elegant brows, as if she were concerned for Li Yundong.

Zhao Yujian felt something inside his head explode with a droning sound. In his heart, he wanted nothing more than to kick that fellow to death.

He clenched his teeth and a malevolent glint flashed in his eyes. With quick steps he dashed forward. His entire body suddenly soared through the air, performing a flying roundhouse kick. Taking aim at Li Yundong’s chest, he unleashed the kick.

This technique could be considered the technique with the most force in taekwondo. It practically converged all of the entire body’s strength and weight in one foot. If someone got hit by this kick, they would receive more than 1000 jin of force.

Li Yundong had his body kicked askew by Zhao Yujian’s previous attack. He knew that his skills were far inferior compared to his opponent. In any case, he had not received any real damage, so he might as well admit his loss.

However, Zhao Yujian actually continued his assault in an overbearing manner. Li Yundong’s chest immediately overflowed with fiery anger.

‘Even man made of clay contained some proportion of flame, beside how could you pursue so fiercely despite having the advantage?’

This heat started from the abdomen and abruptly flowed throughout the entire body. Like the steam in a pressure cooker, it blew outward from the top of Li Yundong’s head, making each and every strand of his hair suddenly stand up!

In this instant, Li Yundong could clearly see Zhao Yujian’s soaring movement, as if he were performing a slow motion movie scene.

Zhao Yujian’s flying roundhouse kick slowly moved through the air. In response, Li Yundong lowered his body and smashed at the bottom of his opponent’s foot with a heavy punch.

Bang! Zhao Yujian’s body flew more than a meter backward, heavily landing on the ground. He clutched at his lower leg and released a heartrending howl of pain.

All the students on site were dumbstruck and stupefied**. They never imagined that Zhao Yujian who held the absolute advantage earlier would suddenly suffer crushing defeat.

In particular, when their gazes fell on Li Yundong, Li Yundong’s upright hair was slowly falling back down. This kind of strange phenomenon overwhelmed them with even greater shock.

While everyone else was shocked, Su Chan quickly ran to Zhao Yujian’s side. Her finger rapidly pressed on several acupoints on his lower leg and his body, helping him slightly numb the pain.

Before Zhao Yujian had a chance to overcome his pain and smile at Su Chan in gratitude, he saw Su Chan stand up and walk to Li Yundong’s side. She swayed her head back and forth and said, “Of all the martial arts of the world, only overwhelming strength is invincible.”


*This is from Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, the super classic wuxia.

** This used to be two idioms: petrified/dumb like a wooden chicken (dumbstruck) and wide eyed and tongue tied (stupefied/flabbergasted) … would you like to read about wooden chickens? I do have an official policy for how to deal with idioms so you might see wooden chicken in future if it’s part of a joke but it doesn’t add to the story here. Nearly didn’t make the footer either.


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