Chapter 17: Just a Little Pain in the Balls (Part 2/2)

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T/N: Here’s part 2.  No comment section because this will be merged with part 1 in the future.

Due to Zhou Qin’s interference, Director Qian did not dare to brazenly expel or punish Li Yundong. However, he still dared to bring Li Yundong to his office and give him a lecture. Otherwise if it gets out that a single phrase from Zhou Qin could defuse him, where would the prestige of the disciplinary director go? Where is the authority of the official?

Upon entering the office of the disciplinary director, Director Qian starting raising his voice to roar, thoroughly disciplining Li Yundong with a torrent of abuse.

There were no other people around and Li Yundong himself was in some ways in the wrong as well, thus he was very resolute, putting forth a submissive posture, as if to say ‘mister disciplinary director, so long as you don’t expel me, you say whatever you want!”

After threatening Li Yundong with expulsion multiple times, Director Qian fiercely glared at him. “In cases like yours, our disciplinary department and the school service department would meet and discuss in order to determine whether or not to expel you! In the next few day, you better not make trouble. Otherwise, you’re dead! Nobody will be able to save you!”

After he finished talking, he glared at Li Yundong again. “You get out first. I will talk with… what’s your name again?”

Su Chan was very curious. Why did this man want to talk to her? She openly replied, “My name is Su Chan.”

Director Qian nodded, “Su Chan, you stay behind. I have something to talk to you about.”

Li Yundong was very surprised on the inside. However, he did not think much of it. As a social outcast*9, he was used to being low key. He was also very afraid of being expelled from school.

Li Yundong left the office only to receive a fright. He found the corridor as full of people, mostly members of the Taekwondo Society.

These people saw that Li Yundong had come out. Their faces were full of excitement and curiosity as they asked about this and that. Li Yundong cursed in his heart, “This bunch of busybodies, are they so idle that their balls hurt*10?

Director Qian waited until Li Yundong left the room. Then his strict demeanor changed into an amiable expression. He prepared tea and poured water. In a very friendly manner, he started making small talk with Su Chan.

Su Chan blinked her eyes and looked at Director Qian thinking, ‘What does this old man want to do? He’s super slow, wasting time, and not getting to the point, how hateful. If I weren’t afraid of causing trouble for Li Yundong, I would completely ignore him!’

Director Qian talked about this and that for a while. Finally he reached the main topic. He said, “Su Chan. Looking at your appearance, you shouldn’t be that old, right? En. You should still be young and can’t see a person’s true nature. So it’s not surprising…”

Su Chan was like a blank piece of paper in terms of the ways of the mundane world. However, she was not an idiot. She very keenly perceived what Director Qian wanted to say. She sounded him out by asking, “Then what you do mean?”

Director Qian with an earnest expression started lecturing, “Man, when they are young, are full of youthful vigor. This can be understood. However, a girl like you when choosing her boyfriend should consider more aspects. You are young and beautiful, what you should consider more like professional success, as in mature and responsible men…”

With a hint this evident, if Su Chan could not understand what he meant, then she was a true retard.

Su Chan exploded with anger inside. ‘This old man actually wanted to put him hands on me! He must be really tired of living!’

In truth, Director Qian had his mind clouded by lust. After all, the little fox’s beauty was far too destructive. A normal man would have his IQ cut in half upon seeing her. Director Qian arrogantly thought to himself, ‘This little beauty had a 70 or 80% chance of liking mature and responsible men, and speaking of mature and responsible men, if it weren’t him, Director Qian, who else could it be?’

Thinking of such, Director Qian once again attempted to flirtatiously comb over his middle management hair. His heart was full of the brilliant light of his wild fantasies.

Su Chan foribly suppressed her anger. She silently blinked her eyes, pretending to be innocent and unaffected. “Oh. I understand. I will go back and think about it.”

Director Qian’s entire face lit up. He stretched out his hand to pat Su Chan on the shoulder. “Not bad. Not bad. This child can be taught.”

Su Chan twisted her body and dodged Director Qian’s perverted hand. Her fairy-like body caused Director Qian’s heart to feel ticklish inside.

Director Qian endured the desire in his heart and pretended to be dignified. He opened the office door, sending off Su Chan. Not looking at Li Yundong on purpose, he only looked at Su Chan enthusiastically. “Su Chan, You are a good kid. I believe you will be able to tell the difference between good and bad, right?”

Li Yundong who stood on the side was secretly bewildered. His gaze swept between the two.

Su Chan did not reply to Director Qian’s words. She simply ran until she stood in front of Li Yundong. Grabbing his hand in one swift motion, she said, “Yudong, can I ask you a question?”

Li Yundong said, “Ask!”

Su Chan put on a puzzled face and asked, “If there’s someone saying bad things behind your back, what would you do?”

Li Yundong gave a start. “Say bad things about me? Screw, who’s saying bad things about me!” As he spoke, his eyes glanced over to Director Qian. ‘It can’t be this guy was saying bad things about me? Keeping Su Chan behind to say bad things about? This would be too insincere right?’

Su Chan shook Li Yundong’s hand and said, “I’m only asking what if!”

Li Yundong spoke very resolutely, “If there’s someone talking bad things about me behind my back, I’ll smack him good!”

When he finished talking, Director Qian who was listening by the side secretly felt his face worsen. He could faintly feel an inauspicious premonition.

Su Chan continued to ask, “And what if that someone also wants to dig your wall corner*11 and steal your girl?”

Li Yundong immediately became furious. That kind of thing is something that no man could endure!

He angrily said, “I would kick his balls so hard that they explode!”

Su Chan nodded enthusiastically. With a beaming smile on her face, she asked, “Let me help you kick him, okay?”

Li Yundong immediately replied without thought, “Okay!”

The moment he spoke, he saw Su Chan turn around and perform a beautiful ball-buster kick, accurately smashing into Director Qian’s crotch.

How could Director Qian predict that Su Chan would turn on him just like that? His face became a purplish red. His legs clenched together. His hands grasped at his crotch. Without making a sound, he lay down on the ground.

The surrounding students broke out in hubbub. Some of the male classmates could not helped but bring their legs together upon seeing Director Qian’s pained and twitching appearance. They felt as if their balls were in pain.

Li Yundong was frozen on the spot stupefied. He stammered a question, “Su Chan, what are you doing?”

Su Chan proudly raised her chin and said, “Kicking his balls so hard that they explode!”

The corners of Li Yundong’s mouth twitched and he had no words to say.

Su Chan lowered her head giving off a pitiful impression as she asked, “Did I do something wrong again?”

Li Yundong looked at Director Qian lying on the ground. The man’s opened mouth was sucking in air as if his life depended on it. Li Yundong gave a forced laugh and replied, “N-no.”

Su Chan immediately raised her head and said, “Then why is your face like that?”

Li Yundong thought to himself, ‘My little grand aunt, you really aren’t afraid that I’ll get expelled are you? The disciplinary direction, ai, you directly knocked him down! Grasss! This time I’ll really get expelled!’

Li Yundong turned his head around and looked at Su Chan. He forcibly squeezed out a smile, but it looked worse than a crying face, “It’s nothing. Just a little pain in the balls.”


*9 This is zhainan again. Which again is something between otaku and hikikomori, though mostly associated with online games.

*10 The Chinese variant of pain in the butt. But in this case, it’s more like those people are so idle that they enjoy doing random things to make their balls hurt (got nothing better to do).

*11 dig someone’s wall corner: This means to steal human resources from them.


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