The Epic of Shatter Star


Title碎星物语 The Epic of Shatter Star

Author:  罗森 Lawson

Genre: 玄幻奇幻:异界大陆 Mystic Fantasy: Of Another World

Tags: Action, Cultivation, Martial Arts, Heroines, etc.

Synopsis: Real men have ambition.  The storm descends once more.  Even mortals cast of clay, you can shatter stars.
After war waged by the hundred clans, war hero Sui Xingtuan* was framed as a traitor to the human clan.  He was purged and met with destruction.  The truth is buried in thousands of miles of sand sea under the surging yellow sands.
Six years later, a slave merchant named Wen Qubing ascends to fame under the title of Skinflayer Wen.  He specialized in hunting down those remnants once associated with Sui Xingtuan.  However, behind this, there is a secret not known by anyone…
The former location of god sealing, the Shatter Star lost storehouse, the young lady of the dragon clan, and the demon god’s descent, when all these factors come together, the curtains will rise on a new legend.

*Shatter Star-cluster


Table of Contents

Book 1

Prologue: Swords and Sabers Clashing Over Violent Sand
Chapter 1: The Willful Patriarch of the Wen Family
Chapter 2: The Illusionary Flame Cauldron’s Boost
Chapter 3: The Sun Moon Manual
Chapter 4: Ancient Tea-Horse Road
Chapter 5: Within Free Spring Pavilion
Chapter 6: Awakened Bloodline
Chapter 7: One Spear One Kill Slaughter Technique
Chapter 8: Life is a Prison
Chapter 9: You Really Are Impatient!
Chapter 10: A Spring Night Moment is Worth a Thousand Gold
Chapter 11: I am Just That Willful
Chapter 12: Instant Eternity
Chapter 13: Kunpeng Bloodline
Chapter 14: The Imperial Li Family
Chapter 15: Completely Useless Absolute Might

This is a teaser.  I haven’t read this novel either so the translations for titles and terms may change as more information is revealed.


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