The Epic of Shatter Star Prologue

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T/N: Behold, another bamboo scroll from the other big sect. I might pick this one up, but I might also pick the other one. Either way, let’s raise awareness of other Chinese web novels. I hope someone picks up Legend of the Swordking, since it’s not moving.

Empire Calendar, Day Eight of Month Nine of Year One of WuWei.

Ten Thousand Li Sand Ocean.

Blazing sun and an ocean of yellow sand, as far as the eye could see there are sand dunes rising and falling, row on row, extending endlessly until sand met a crystal clear blue sky.

Swirls of yellow sand without a hint of moisture sucked dry the crimson blood flowing along the way, burying everything into the sand. Fallen corpses and flags in the sand are gradually covered up along with broken blades, relating to any observer the uncaring cruelty of life. It also indicated a path of blood and desperation.

On a nearby sand dune, there were more than a hundred corpses scattered around. Before these bodies breathed their last, they were people of great background. Within the empire warrior ranking, all of them would have been considered top-tier. Now they were all bodies. Among them, many had lost limbs or had their organs fall out, having died a cruel death.

The surroundings were deathly still, but this ocean of sand contained more than dead bodies.

More than a hundred corpses paved a road of blood and at the end of this road of pursuit, there were a few living figures. Their bodies carried a heavy scent of blood and imminent death. Two of them especially stood out.

One was an enormous man. No matter what race, he would be considered a large man. With a figure over two meters tall, corded muscles that bulged out, even when crouched down he was like a huge rock, giving off an impression of unwavering stability.

The other was a woman who were black leather armor. Short hair red like raging flames and captivating luscious red lips, eyes with hidden depth, all these factors wove together to create a gorgeous beauty. However, the pair of bat wings behind her back and the fierce fangs that occasionally peaked out from her mouth were enough to generate fear in the hearts of others.

Beside them were several others. Their bodies dripped with blood. Some of them were even badly mangled, suffering from incredibly heavy injuries. There was indication of joy deriving from their desperate and bloody victory.

“I… I… am unwilling… I will not… “

One of the fallen heavily injured victims was very young appearing about sixteen or seventeen of age. His consciousness was already muddled due to blood loss and yet he still muttered to himself.

“We… aren’t we heroes? The people, the nobles… everyone said we were war heroes. How come… in the end…. how did it become like this? I can’t accept…”

Despite his young age, he was full of grief and indignation. Before he could finish expressing his unwillingness, he coughed out a large spray of fresh blood. This young warrior who only retained his upper body fell into unconsciousness.

A large hand like a palm leaf pressed down on his chest, slowly transferring energy, trying to stimulate the heart to beat once more. Despite the infusion of energy, the young warrior’s eyes remained shut. He managed to mutter, “We… are heroes…” before he stopped breathing.

The emergency treatment of the giant man had fail. Looking at his hand then glancing once more at his freshly dead comrade, grief flashed across his eyes. He first helped his comrade settle into a comfortable position for his final rest, then he turned away to meet the purple eyes of the red haired girl.

“… can’t be saved…”

The red haired girl spread out her two hands. She only looked to be sixteen or seventeen, at the prime of her youth and beauty. The gorgeously curved body she kept under that leather armor was the best proof. By the side of her foot, a heavily injured comrade had just died. More than ten arrows and bolts were jammed into his chest and his back. Both his eyes were opened so wide that it looked like his eyes could pop out. He died leveling a soundless accusation that no one would ever hear.

Looking at those tumultuous eyes, the giant man could not help but beat at his chest. Standing up, he released an earth shaking roar, followed by another, and another, like an injured beast expressing its fury, but also like lightning striking down from the ninth heaven causing the skies to tremble. Even the yellow sand underfoot was continuously lifted over and over again.

These roars were full of grievance, anger and unwillingness. They questioned heaven and earth, gods and monsters. Why did they who swept everything before them in the Hundred Clan War, who saved millions and millions of lives from fire and water, they who not long ago were celebrated by the empire, and yet in a blink of an eye, how did they end up like this?

Unrivaled martial prowess that can defeat any foe, unmatched strategic wisdom that was flexible beyond compare, yet these things were useless because the ending could not be changed. Even more laughable was the fact, even at the moment before calamity’s descent, they had absolute faith that the splendor before their eyes could last for a long time and the legend of the Star Shatterers would become eternal.

“… Enough! A Shan, how much longer are you going to keep forcing yourself?”

The red haired girl squeezed out a slight smile and said, “You led everyone in slaughtering our way here, giving our brothers a burial ground. You even dragged so many enemies down with us. This time, I, Belinda, admire you!”

The giant man shook his head and spoke in a voice that sounded like rocks grinding together, “I… did not bring everyone here to find a grave site, this… entire journey… until here…”

His voice was thick, and yet very hoarse. Its sound reminded people of an ancient millstone, not quite human in nature. As he spoke, his mountain like body also swayed back and forth, until he sunk to his knees.

The skin of the large man was abnormal. Rather than flesh and blood, his body was closer to metal and minerals. However, even the Diamond Inviolable Body cannot withstand consecutive heavy wounds. All that was left to this body was fresh blood and countless shocking wounds. In several places, bone could be seen poking out of the skin. Internally, there were god knows how many shattered bones. If not for his frightening willpower and tough body forcefully sealing his wound, obstructing blood from leaking out. He would have already collapsed several hours ago.

The dizziness he was currently feeling had nothing to do with blood loss or heavy wounds, but rather the scenes that kept replaying in his memories. He still remembered when he led everyone onto the battlefield. At that time, he promised everyone that they would brave life and death together. In the future, they would earn freedom, wealth and authority. He himself always thought it was an attainable goal. No matter what he thought, he never imagined that in the end, he could only lead them into exile, burying their bones in this barren land.

Everything was because of that man. If he did not betray…

Cough. Cough.

Belinda coughed twice. She had taken out a cigar from her pocket. She wanted to find fire but none was available. Thus she could only frown and suck on the until cigar.

With brows lightly knit, Belinda sat down. Even with blood covering her body, tattered clothes, and a sorry state overall, a single smile like the blossoming of summer flowers, containing a unexplainable splendor and charm.

Her black leather armor soaked with blood was damaged everywhere. It practically couldn’t cover the youthful body hidden underneath. In any case, it seemed like a vision of beauty. But looking closely, there were two abnormalities: first, despite the damaged leather armor, the skin underneath was perfectly smooth without a single wound, unlike the heavy wounds of all her comrades; second, the color of her skin was strange, or rather than snow white, it was more like the ghastly white associated with corpses that were soaked in water for a long time.

Those who were familiar with her abilities would know that this was a sign of consecutively receiving too much damage, harming her core. When even the blood clan’s special regeneration ability was not able to keep up standing at the verge of collapse, this abnormal condition would appear. Despite her cheer, she was also pushing herself.

The wind blew as if there were sound in the distance. The giant man and the girl both heard it, but neither of them reacted.

There were no more people to protect. All their comrades were dead and even they themselves only had a few breaths left. What… do they struggle for?

“Ptui… the last smoke of my life, this flavor sucks… those slavers and bounty hunters are almost here… if I don’t die this time, I’ll kill their entire family!”

Belinda held the smoke in her mouth and provided chatter at intervals. The giant man never spoke again. She did not mind. Suddenly raging winds blew and the girl who still looked vigorous swayed and fell backwards, rolling down the dune.

The giant man was shocked. He stretched out his hand and pulled, but his leg bone, which had been sundered by a ballista bolt, could not support his body. He staggered. Even though he caught his companion, the two of them rolled down together. Over ten turns on the way down, from start to finish, the girl was protected in his embrace.

He felt that this normally valiant girl in his embrace was surprisingly soft, like the most tender soft tofu that would break at the slightest touch. It was difficult to imagine that such a girl was infamous enough to shake the entire world. Only counting the Jinshan campaign, she kill through poison enough people to accumulate several tens of thousands in blood debt.

Most people did not know that the true face of a poison lord was actually a lovely young girl.

“… he… he he, unimaginable, in the end, I die together with you… originally, I thought I would live for a long time, until all my friends were dead…”

Moisture welled up in the eyes of the red haired girl, “This is good too… to be able to die with you. This is good too… if I had to bury my bones with someone else, at least you’re not the worst pick.”

The giant man had no words in reply. He carefully held the girl close to his chest, like holding onto a fragile flower. Only he knew, how difficult it was for her to say those words.

The great and famous poison lord, her usual facade was not simply a poisonous snake. She was more like a poisonous python that could swallow a cow in a single bite. Never revealing her true feeling. In fact, people did not even dare to imagine the sight of her expressing her true thoughts.

If possible, he wanted to tell her that he did not want to die together with her here. He did not want to see her die. Even if he died, he still hoped that she could live on, but at this time, these superfluous words would be an insult to her…

“A Shan!”

The girl hit the giant man’s chest with her fist. Her tightly wound feelings at that moment snapped, releasing a flood of tears and sobs.

“We… are we done for? I’m unwilling! Truly irreconcilable!”

One hit after another, the red haired girl messily cried bitterly, snot and tears streamed down. She cried like a little girl.

“Why… wasn’t the battle already won? We saved so many people. Why did it end like this? Were we used… since the beginning? I… I resent…”

The girl’s breakdown and bitter cries, the giant man did not know how to comfort her. In his heart, he felt the same pain and resentment that he could tell no one.

The image of that night, was still clear in his mind…

At that time, Star Shatter was a name that they just come up with. The plan had not been implemented. The so called initial members were only those very few. However, due to that person’s enthusiasm, they raised their cups, shouted out and swore an oath, before the campfire, to the moon, riding upon their tipsy excitement.

… cast the skull, spray the blood, pacify this chaotic world!

… life requires joy and happiness, death requires exultation!

That scene, so clear that it seemed right in front of his eyes, including those surging emotions that are still burning in his chest. It was hard to imagine that everything from the start was just a lie.

Airships slowly appeared in the sky. They flew using balloons of hydrogen with shapes like round shuttles. The crew and weaponry was kept at the bottom. While not able to carry much, they were able to shoot ballistas from the air. Their speed was not slow either. They could be considered a rather powerful military weapon.

These airships were not just artillery, the presence of experts radiated out from those airships, high grade swordmasters… possibly even great swordmasters, and there were divine archers, magic swordsmen, and even the presence of some non-human expert. This new wave of enemies was definitely prepared. They seemed intent on exterminating the remnants for once and for all.

In this barren dessert empty as far as the eye can see, those slave traders and bounty hunters easily followed signs of battle from high above. They quickly found the two. Hollering, shouting, rubbing their fists, and wiping their palms, they prepared for battle. That type of malice… could be clearly sense by the two below.

“… I… don’t want you to die… “

With a voice like clashing rocks, he spoke each word like a roar.

“We… need to keep surviving together, to living in place of all our dead brothers and sisters. Today, I won’t let you die. I will struggle. And if we do not die today…”

The huge man held the girl’s fingers like he were swearing an oath, “You and I will rebuild the Star Shatterers. The blood and flesh of these people will be used to repay our suffering.”

This was not something he would normally say. Even though he was ranked first of the four warrior gods of the Star Shatterers, he was not someone prone to killing. In the past, he was not someone who would call out the word ‘kill’, nor was someone who took lives to calm his anger and repay his grievance. In the past, this was the kind of behavior that he greatly abhorred and held in contempt.

However now, with him speaking those words… the already dull eyes of the girl on his chest lit up once more, as bright as stars.

The six airships circled in the air, surrounding them. The ballistas and the large number of bows and crossbows accurately aimed below. All the men found their palms sweaty, as they built up pressure waiting for the order to attack.

“Belinda, Shan Luling. Today is the day you monsters of great evil repent, if you do not tell us where the treasure is…”

As that person spoke, a sound like furious thunder rose from the ground like a thousand dragons roaring in sync, shaking the earth with its violent sound. The words of the person speaking just now were drowned out.

A great force lifted up the sand, like a tornado or a hurricane. The sand covered everything, the sky, the earth, and the space between. An incomparably large domineering body leaped into the air, brandishing his enormous fists, like a battering ram against the city, to meet the falling rain of arrows head on.

After the god sealing, the huge man could already be considered one of the strongest powers in the entire land. With a single leap of several tens of meters, even though he still could not reach the airship, he was able to borrow momentum from ballista bold that neared him. With a flip in empty air, and a single stomp, he flew up another several tens of meters. His city breaking fist blasted out and directly hit the rudder of the airship.

The rudder shattered and the huge fist punched through. The entire airship exploded into a ball of raging flame in mid air. None of those on the airship survived. If he could maintain this kind of destructive power, then it would indeed be possible to defeat all pursuers like in the previous battles. However, the built up wounds on his body were too heavy.

What once was a body that could not be pierced by ten thousand blades, currently could not compare with before. Having been shot through by a ballist, and pin-cushioned by and countless arrows and bolts, he became like a bloody hedgehog. However, despite these wounds, his mad roaring to the heavens never stopped.

… life requires joy and happiness, death requires exultation!

… as if he had returned to former times, where the entire band joined their hearts and raised their cups high on that late night.

Empire Calendar, Day Eight of Month Nine, the final remnants of the most notorious Star Shatterer corps from the Hundred Clan War were finally eliminated in the Ten Thousand Li Sand Ocean.

In this campaign, Heaven Destroying Tyrant Shan Luling and Gold Mountain Poison Tyrant Belinda of the four warrior gods counterattacked before their deaths and killed various pursuers. Numerous experts died causing a shock across the empire. They were finally executed in the yellow sands. These two world renown butchers were annihilated along with the legend of the Star Shatterers.

Having cleanse the nation of poison, the commoners could greet a peaceful future. A new page was opened on the history of this newborn empire.

However, to a certain minority:

The great battle in the Sand Ocean calmed down after all the fighting ended. The raging sandstorms that had formed could be clearly seen even a hundred or more li away.

“… we’re late.”

A group of riders more than ten but less than twenty stopped more than one hundred li away. They did not join the already concluded battle to the death. These people carried weapons, each of them had solemn and nervous expressions. The middle-aged man who was led sighed with regret.

“… truly a pity. Back then, everyone watched the enemy together and fought side by side… why did everything change so suddenly?”

The middle-aged man lamented, “Even though they most of them started out as criminals, but if it weren’t for them pulling against the tide in this battle, reversing head and earth, this land would already belong to demons and beasts. Who know how the human race would have ended up…”

“General, since we could not make it. If we are discovered… we cannot stay here for long!”

The underling urged in a low voice. The middle-aged man also knew that this was dangerous ground. However, before he turned to leave, he told the girl beside him, “Do you see? Yun-er, you must remember this day. They once saved you, saved your father, and even saved this entire land. In truth.. they should not be finished like this…”

With those words, the middle-aged cupped his fists in salute towards the battlefield. His subordinates behind him did the same. They showed respect for the dead and wished them a happy afterlife.

Beside the middle-aged man, a thirteen year old green haired girl had tears in her eyes. She tightly bit her lower lip as if relaxing the tiniest bit would cause her tears to fall. Even though father said as a general’s child… even girls were not allowed easily cry.

“Father, you all know… they were wrongly accused, so why… why do so many people not know?”

The girl strove to control her emotions and her voice. She asked, “My uncles, they are obviously good people. Why does no one believe them? Why would…?”

After speaking out, her forcefully suppressed tears finally flowed and fell down. Her heart full of grievance and unwillingness could not understand the truth before her eyes.

This was a question that even her father could not answer. Finally he stretched out his hands and rubbed his daughter’s head. He sighed like he did most of the time and said, “Many things… your father does not know where to start, in the future, you will understand.”

These were words that her father would often say to her. Long Yun-er had not really understood back then, and she did not understand now, even though six years have passed. She is already nineteen years old, but to this matter she only half-understood,

Her relationship with the Star Shatterers had to be traced back to the Hundred Clan War. At that time, she was not even ten years old. Her home was attacked by a large group of monsters. After defending for several days, many members of their family and tribe were injured or dead. Just as they were about to collapse, the Star Shatterers had arrived to provide reinforment.

That year, the gods were no sealed, demons and devils made merry on the land. To most humans, these inhuman existences were not something they could defend again, much less battle. However, the Star Shatterers used special techniques and teachers to forcibly break this common sense.

Some of them specialized in transformation, such as summoning divine weapons out of thin air, or transforming the flesh and blood of their body, allowing their combat prowess to rise sharply; some of the directly called down lightning to smite those demons. Those demons and strange beasts who were incomparably fierce normally, would reveal expressions of fear as they were exterminated one after another.

With the reinforcements of the Star Shatterers, there was a special existence. His body was like diamond. Gigantic and imposing like a pillar that supported the heavens. Just by standing there, he could prop up heaven and earth. And the pressure of just one punch from him seemed enough to defeat all enemies.

There were no lights or sounds or any other special change. He did not even use weapons. Just a single fist striking out was enough to pierce through demon and devil bodies. Sometimes, it was even enough to pierce trough two or three opponents and still have enough force remaining to explode and kill off another.

Different from the other Star Shatterers, this more than two meter tall inviolable diamond was just like a crushing giant mill. Wherever he turned, there were piles of crushed and shattered pieces. Those formerly invincible demons and evil beasts were killed one after another until they starting to escape in fear.

After all the demons and strange beast raw away. She followed beside her father and thanked the Star Shatterers together. Only then did she know the giant man’s identity.

He was the leader of the four warriors gods of the Star Shatterers, the hero who defeated the demonking WildHead, Heaven Destroying Tyrant, Shan Luling. He was someone who despite ascending only in recent years had enough fame to affect the entire world. His fame had already exceeded many people of the older generation. Every time, reports of his victories were reported all across the land. She had heard of him many times, but meeting the real person was different from what she imagined.

Even though his figure was enormous and his title was domineering and overbearing, the giant man did not give of a tyrannical or ostentatious feeling. He did not even speak much. Instead he nodded or shook his head in silence. There was no happiness for achieving victory, nor did he utter bold statements like the rest. He was stained full of demon blood. The giant man who would not talk seemed slightly chilling and terrifying.

Without accepting her father’s invitation to celebrate, he only requested a quiet place to rest alone, while allowing his subordinates attended the banquet. From the beginning till the end, he never spoke, allowing his subordinates to speak for him. At most he would occasionally nod or perhaps make an affirmative sound.

When the giant man passed by her, her legs suddenly went soft from terror, almost falling down. But a large hand reached out and held her steady.

Toward the iron giant with his bloodied hand and his enormous height that resembled black clouds covering the sky, she felt shock and fear. Being touched by him almost made her wail out loud. Tears rolled down her eyes in stream and this seemed to scare him, the fearless one who had faced countless beasts and evil creatures. In his eyes flashed disarray.

For the sake of not scaring a little girl into tears, the giant man who never spoke worked out to squeeze out a smile. That smiling face was very rigid but tried truly hard to pull apart its lips and show off its teeth, and its eyes were squinted into mere lines.

Only then did she notice that the giant man’s eyes were very warm. Even though he had this kind of vast body, his eyes were warm like a light breeze on a spring day.

For a very long time since then, every time she recalled that smiling face, Long Yun-er would feel like the gloomy clouds in the sky had opened up a window for the golden rays of the sun to shine through, bringing her courage.

‘… Uncle, please watch over me and give me courage! Let me inherit your will!’

Long Yun-er silently prayed and she slowly stepped forward. In front of her were two black curtain that pulled apart left and right. Something lit up brightly behind her and she who had been in darkness was not used to the light so her eyes could not open.

By the time she slightly opened her eyes, the chain around her neck was harshly pulled, forcing her into the open. She stumbled and almost fell on the stage.

Deafening laughter ran out accompanied by the auctioneer’s voice, declaring out announcements from the stage.

“… and now for the people section, product number 58, nineteen years of age, child of a general and a virgin, please refer to the guide for further details. The starting price is one hundred gold coins. Please place your bids!”


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