The Invincible Me Chose to Farm


Title:  无敌的我选择种田 The Invincible Me Chose to Farm

Author:  名字什么的还没想好 ‘I haven’t thought of a name yet’

Genre: 热血类 hot blooded (Light Novel/Xianxia/Parody)

Tags: Parody, Comedy, Action, Cultivation, Romance, Heroines, Overpower Protagonist, etc.

Synopsis: 拥有主角光环的叶星,十七岁就获得了无敌的力量。听师父说,要想达到那至高境界,必须经过红尘历练。莫问红尘三千事,尽付对饮笑谈中。这是一个恶搞流的修仙故事,若能博得看官一笑,则再好不过。不多说,上茶,故事开讲啦!As someone with main character aura, Ye Xing, age 17, already possessed unrivaled strength.  In his master’s word, in order to reach that supreme realm of cultivation, one must experience the trials of the mortal world.  Three thousand questions asked of dust (Three thousand experiences in the mortal world); everyone drinking and laughing together.  This is a spoofed xianxia story.  If it can earn a laugh from you readers, then that would be best. No more talking, serve the tea, this story is about to start.


Table of Contents

Chapter 0: Regarding Whether Or Not One Should Ascend
Chapter 1: To Cultivate Immortality, First You Must Farm.
Chapter 2: The Story Goes Like This
Chapter 3: The Current Me is a Failing Student
Chapter 4: I Might Be a Bit Hard
Chapter 5: What is Rare Resources
Chapter 6: The Messed Up Immortal Herb Division
Chapter 7: Possessing Not Only Stature but Also Intelligence
Chapter 8: Junior Brother is Too Cute
Chapter 9: I Want a Kiss From Senior Sister
Chapter 10: The Hunting Plan
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16:

This is my other official project.  Please look forward to it.  Now to work on Patreon…


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