History’s Strongest Senior Brother


Title: 史上最强师兄 History’s Strongest Senior Brother
Author:  八月飞鹰 August Eagle
Genre: Xuanhuan Mystic Fantasy
Tags: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, etc.
Related Series: History’s Number One Founder
Yan Zhaoge cross over into a new world, died and transmigrated into a new body.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get the body of the hero.  Instead, he got the body of the villainous senior brother who stole the hero’s girl.  In other words, the body’s original owner was canon fodder for the main character’s rise to the top.  However, the new Yan Zhaoge isn’t some pushover, he’s got things to do and no template cliché main character is going to stop him!


Table of Contents

Book 1: Senior Brother Strikes Back

Chapter 1: I Got the Wrong Script!
Chapter 2: Dragon against Dragon, a Stand Off Between Kings, Which is the True Dragon?
Chapter 3: Performing a Great Play
Chapter 4: A Yan Zhaoge Who Does Not Follow the Script
Chapter 5: The Two Are Not on the Same Level
Chapter 6: Indifferent to Life and Death, We Can Fight If You Are Not Convinced
Chapter 7: Ye Jing’s Thoughts
Chapter 8: Adversary from the Past
Chapter 9: Taking the Road Less Traveled, Acting Cool without Explanation
Chapter 10: Close the Door, Release the Ye Jing
Chapter 11: Using Equipment to Crush the Opposition
Chapter 12: Dragon Sealing Abyss, an Ominous Name for Yan Zhaoge?
Chapter 13: Thrashing You Till Your Face is Bloody
Chapter 14: Rampantly Kicking Them Out
Chapter 15: Fruitless Searching Though Your Iron Shoes Break, Finding Your Goal Without Any Effort Spent!