Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 19

Here’s a new chapter today too.  I’m still thinking about what happens when RFSH reaches chapter 20.  Should I decrease the chapters and finally start on the next teaser?  I can promise the other ones are good for action and are much more traditional xianxia/xuanhuan.  How many chapters a week for which projects?  Should I add a donation box?  Start a Patreon?  Well, it’ll remain 1 chapter a day until I can get at least a part-time salary out of this.  Considering how expensive living is in my part of Canada, that’s a bit hard.  Please leave your preference in the feedback box or comments.

RFSH will continue to be translated regardless of other projects.  It’s a decent story that’s different from your usual modern xianxia (There’s a true main heroine, even if she’s not the only heroine, and a male lead that tries to be loyal to the main heroine) and it involves a lot of real life ‘cultivation’ knowledge.

Well, whatever happens, look forward to it.

Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 19


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