Teaser: Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home (RFSH Chapter 1)

Hello again everyone.

Here’s teaser number two.

Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home is a modern day cultivation tale that includes a romance between human and demon with a side dash of humor.  It is not as good as Cultivation Chat Group, which is probably the best in this genre but seems decent so far.

RFSH Synopsis Wow, that was a super short non-fuss synopsis from the author wasn’t it?

I believe it is number two in the modern day cultivation section on 17k.  My Kitsune Waifu should be number one.

Since it does have a side of humor, it probably won’t be super racist like the more serious modern cultivation stories, partially because those are forced to bring China’s rivals in as antagonist and mostly because the Chinese discriminate against the non-Chinese.

At this point I’m reminded of how awesome Overgod Ascension would have been, but it’s a Qidian novel so it can’t be helped.  Anyways, enjoy!

RFSH Chapter 1

P.S. Before I forget, someone apparently started working on LOTS on the WW forums a couple days before I posted my teaser.  I just saw it yesterday.  They haven’t posted anything yet but they have already made a declaration.  I apologize for that.  I checked out LOTS a week ago and there was no one translating at that time but I should have checked again.  As such, LOTS will probably be moved into the dropped section at a near date.  To replace LOTS position, a teaser of 尘缘 will be in the works.


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