RFSH Chapter 4

Here it is.  Epic of Shatter Star Prologue is half done.  ESS and EDD are the two that will probably attract the most readers but I really want to see where RFSH is going before I decide to stop, probably because I miss Cultivation Chat Group (best modern cultivation novel ever) and now it probably won’t reach the English world anymore.  Please help proofread so I can save time to spend on translating.

RFSH Chapter 4


3 thoughts on “RFSH Chapter 4

  1. thanks… yeah i miss ccg as well, i read ahead with it slightly and it was getting quite good, ah such a shame…

    btw is EDD this 尘缘 or a new novel you found? because i looked at your list of teasers and there wasnt any novel with the starting letters EDD…


    1. EDD is Endless Divine Domain. Number 4 under Ongoing Projects. According to my predictions, either EDD or ESS would be the most popular works with a western audience.

      I tried to translate 尘缘 but spent half a hour on the synopsis and learned that the 6th dalai lama wrote a lot of love poems. Then I tried to translate the first chapter. It was 10k characters of very dense flowery language. Sometimes I needed whole sentences to express two or three characters, so I gave up after 3 hours. Sorry about that. You can find the synopsis under orphanage. Maybe a Chinese Lit major can pick it up.


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