Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 15

So… here it is.

Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 15

I’m actually rather disappointed from yesterday.  I read Unlimited Dragon God but the first 20 or so chapters had him reincarnate as a snake… in the Spongebob Squarepants world.  And then he killed and ate all the fish people in Bikini Bottom.  It was ruthless xianxia genre in a sorta kind cartoon world.  I couldn’t read past that, even though I’m pretty sure it was supposed to get better from there.


6 thoughts on “Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 15

  1. You might try One Sword to Immortality, it is a modern xianxia about a guy who awakens a demon bloodline which starts him off on the path of cultivating. There are some game elements (not a lot), and while it has 55 chapters translated no one has touched it for a year.


    1. faloo. It’s basically the doujin version of Qidian… it does have quite a bit of original works, but the doujin stuff is more popular. You can think of it as a qidian that focuses on things like bringing a system to the narutoverse or dimensional hopping through anime universes.


  2. Is there any novel with [fantasy,romance(no harem), adventure] and non-human protagonist being a dragon, werewolf or vampire?. Honestly i was delighted when i found the first 20 chapters translated of crimson dragon it had almost everything i wanted but then the authour messed up the history and the MC 😦


    1. ummm… western fantasy? Not that I know of. Eastern fantasy, Quite a bit. But I don’t find it as enjoyable. Have you tried 异界之东方黑龙? It’s old but quite popular apparently.


      1. Unfortunately i don’t know chinese but i appreciate the reply. About Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home, can you tell me which chapter he finds out about the world of cultivation? Thank you.


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